So you’ve probably seen me out and about rocking their garments over the summer, I finally managed to get some time in with the name behind the brand.

D’Trois is a high end European menswear brand founded by Daniel Deacon. The name D’Trois means ‘of 3’ in the French language, it came about from Daniel, his brother and his sister all 3 of their names beginning with D so it was naturally fitting.

They stock everything from your basic tees, intricate prints to velvet studded hoodies.



What is the inspiration behind the range?

The inspiration behind the brand came from me going through a phase of not liking anything that I was seeing in stores of any affordability and one summer I had an idea for a T-Shirt, I knew a local printer so I took my idea to him and he brought it to life for me. The feeling I had when I wore the T-Shirt and the compliments I received on it made me feel proud and happy and I just want to repeat that feeling in every design I create.

What does your brand represent in your eyes?

In my eyes D’Trois represents the fact that fashion isn’t just about following trends it’s about feeling good and comfortable in what you wear, the brand represents you as an individual. New rules.

What is your is your signature/favourite piece from the range?

My signature piece from the range would have to be the velvet stud hoodie, because that is the piece that caught people’s attention and let them actually know that D’Trois is a real brand.

What struggles do/did you face when creating all your range?

There are always barriers in whatever you do it’s just up to you to overcome them. Some of the struggles I faced when creating is that some of the designs weren’t very technical when it came to manufacturing. So ideas had to be altered in order for it to be produced.

What do you enjoy most about designing your range?

What I enjoy most about designing my range is seeing where my imagination can take me from just having a thought, feeling a certain way or just even seeing something i.e. a picture or view etc.

Do you have any advice for upcoming/emerging designers?

The one piece of advice I have for any new designers building a brand is don’t feel like you need to rush it take time to get everything correct and it will all come together.

Black Tee

Sum up what it takes to design a range in one word?


Define your range in 3 words?

Individuality, meaningful and diverse

What does the future hold for D’Trois?

In the future expect to see D’Trois in a few stores across the nation and a few more exciting collections and collaborations. I’ve got some projects in the pipeline but I don’t want to say too much just yet you just got to keep following us and wait and see.


You can purchase the above items plus much more form their online store. Click here

Be sure to also follow them on Twitter and Instagram and keep up to date to with the latest news & latest releases.

Keep an eye out for this guy as I am sure he is gonna blow up..



Half Naked Apparel

From Rock to Roll….out. Speaking to one half of the band ‘Titans & Kings’ he tells me how they evolved from being in a rock band to creating a music company and a brand for their fans.

The range is inspired by Tattoos, music and bold designs, They wanted to create clothing that their fans will want to wear as much as they do!

‘Wild Sould Tee’
In discussing the range he mentions his favourite piece at the moment is probably the Wild Sould Baseball jersey but the original Never Giving Up The Fight Tee will always have a special place as it was part of our launch collection.
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Creating a brand isn’t always easy and he is able to highlight some of the struggles you face as an up and coming designer. I put the questions to him below, Enjoy the read.
Ascension: What struggles do/did you face when creating all your apparel?
Half Naked: Ah man, it’s tough out there 😉 We’re still relatively new and building our fan base / awareness takes up most of our time. There are loads of great indie brands out there and seeing them succeed is the perfect inspiration to never give up.
Ascension: What do you enjoy most about being a designing your range?
Half Naked: We actually outsource designs and doing the research for that is awesome! There’s nothing better than checking out a load of artists, finding one we love and working with them to create something unique.
Ascension: Do you have any advice for upcoming/emerging designers?
Half Naked: Keep doing what you love and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Ascension: If you could sum up what it takes to design a range in one word what would it be?
Half Naked: Pride.
Ascension: What does the future hold for Half Naked Apparel?
Half Naked: Hopefully a much larger and varied summer collection and ultimately more involvement with the music scene that the brand was born out of – the Half Naked Stage at Slam Dunk Festival has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
‘Never Give up the fight Tee’
Definitely keep an eye out for these guys, I have no doubt they will go from strength to strength.
You can find out more at their site here: Half Naked Go check it out.