Coming Soon!!

So after months of debating, I’m currently sat on an island soaking in the sun thinking about what has been holding me back. The short answer is ‘Nothing but Myself’. So having gotten over this it’s time for me to let the world know that there is a lot in store for the road ahead.

First on the agenda will be the launch of our new range, expect more details over the coming weeks, but for now here is a sneak peak of one of our new hoodies.

IMG_20150419_162802As always all feedback is welcome.


Nowhere To Somewhere

How does one start from nowhere, but eventually get somewhere.

My guess would be ‘with extreme difficulty’

I was speaking with a colleague a few days ago and she mentioned she is not creative. I let her know straight away that she was just lying to herself. Creativity is within all of us and can appear in many different forms.

Creativity is the driving force behind ‘ascension’ I want to highlight the creative diversity that lives within the fashion industry. I will be showcasing the finest in emerging talent, from designers to buyers to the brand. you will most definitely get a feel for their inspiration and their journey in the industry and hopefully be inspired too.


I intend to explore all realms of the industry and find out what is really the driving force behind making it in this industry.  It may be a slow process to begin with, but I promise to break through it to give you all the best insight and a forum to interact and learn from others in the fashion industry. 

Feel free to comment, send suggestions & recommendations and I will do my best to get back to all of you.

Here is to getting ‘somewhere from nowhere……’