Crown Rose

So I hear its almost summer time in London. Everybody is harbouring thoughts of putting the winter wardrobe away and getting out the t-shirts, shorts & flip flops. Don’t even get me started on the holiday season……

For those of you as excited as me to finally get some consistent sunshine, you definitely need to check out Crown Rose.

Crown Rose UK are a London based contemporary Swimwear and Lounge wear brand. They specialise in providing African print Swimwear and Lounge wear for both Women & Men. The brand was established in early 2013 in an aim to make African traditional  prints accessible in a popular and diverse market. The brand represents contemporary style and tradition and produces a range of diverse designs with niche patterned swimwear fabrics.

Women’s Range Africa Fashion Week

The name Crown Rose looks to express the strength behind the vision of the brand. It encapsulates royal traditions and the class and flair of contemporary style.

They use traditional prints from both Ghana and Nigeria (Ankara & Kente) are are used to inspire and create patterns which are then transferred onto swimwear suitable fabrics. They have a diverse range of designs to cater to a variety of customers. They also offer a custom range that aims to make each piece as unique and personal as possible to give their customers something that is exclusive to them.

Available sizes: 8 – 16 ‘Aqua De Jewel’

18 – 24 ‘De Arc Range’

Prices: Women £36 – £60.

Men’s Shorts £25.

Men’s Tops £15.

Crown Rose was founded by two young ladies Nikky and Miriam, originally from Nigeria but born and raised in the UK. They combined their love for contemporary swimwear fashion and their cultural backgrounds to create a brand that stands out from anything that is currently available on the market. Through exploring traditional colours, prints and designs from their African heritage, they infused culture and class to create a contemporary yet traditional brand.

Miriam & Nikky

I had the pleasure of catching up with Miriam, she explained how all this was born out of one faithful day, watching a creative show(which she does not recall). She claims she is not very creative but Crown Rose proves otherwise. After some research she realised that there was a huge gap in the market and not much competition, so they decided to create something a little different with a African print on trend. As long as it is bright colourful and different she believes it is something that will never go off trend.

They have been getting some amazing coverage including Africa Fashion week & CNN inside Africa.

Here is a link to the Africa Fashion week show.

Women’s Range Africa Fashion Week

As with many up & coming designers funding has been and issue, they are currently looking for funding so definitely get out there and support them.

Hopefully once this is secured they can move onto the next phase, luxury lines, Holiday wear, beach wear etc…..

Asked to sum up Crown Rose in one word, she looks at me smiles gently and says “Afro Centric/Afro Temporary”.

If you are as excited as me and can’t wait for the full launch, follow the link to join their mailing list.

As always feedback and comments welcome.


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